Anecdote 3 – Six figure blogger

One thing about the web, when you start looking for it, you will find lots of it. Here’s one shinning evidence of online revenue.

You have to believe your eyes! That’s $15,849 in a month.
He went on to say, (emphasis mine)

what made me even happier (and made my heart skip a beat) was to look at the total for the past 12 month period and realize that this month’s total took me over the magical $100,000 since 1 September last year.

it might be a good thing to actually let people know that it’s possible for a one person show to hit that kind of mark with enough time, luck and honest hard work.

At the end of this year, I hope I have similar shinning result to report. But for now I need to get my plan together and get off the ground.



  1. liewcf said

    he has A LOT blogs. 🙂

  2. 59 Ideas said

    That’s my plan 🙂
    Not necessary blog but ideas. See Action Plan

  3. […] Anecdote 3 – Six figure blogger (Problogger) […]

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