Balancing real world and online work

Today is a killer day at the real world work. A staff came and LEFT the very first day. Save me the stress of having to fire him someday though. Pity I spent much of the day teaching him.

I did spent some time poking around WordPress. Not much quality blogs except the top few. Quite enjoyed Tales from a Trading Desk and Veeven’s.

Back to this project. I still have the plan to work out. One thing I like to talk about is balancing work, real world and online.

My action plan is pretty aggressive. One reason for that is I am running a business which has flexible enough time for doing things on my own. Another reason is that I intent to eventually shift focus towards this project.

However, my advice to anyone attempting to earn revenue online is to take it easy. Depending on the experience level (of understanding the inner working of online revenue), it is worth spending some time to do research and try dipping the toe at the shallow end.

Balance your day job and work on the online after work, unless you happened to work on an online outfit like CNet. Don’t give up that fat pay check just yet. People work best without the stress of money. Trust me on that.


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