Getting Linked

This is a big topic in itself, to be covered further down the road. But since a reader commented, a quick note about it is in order. (Got to be reader focus!)

He is absolutely right that getting linked in other sites is the best way to get into and up a search engine. That is provided you already have an interesting enough site (that’s a link to you buddy) that people is willing to link to.

Now 5 days into setting up a site with just 9 posts, no one is really going to link me (hint, hint) unless I am someone rich and famous. It is even below my own criteria to get listed.

My suggestion is

  • submit to search engines
  • forget about it
  • work on content
  • get linked

If there is some gotcha for submitting to search engines at this point, I sure like to learn about it.

I know some people say submitting without content will get the site lower ranked and difficult to move up later. Is there any real proof for this?

Listen to this article Listen to this article


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