Web 2.0 Marketing

For a while I thought I coined a new term. But a quick search on Yahoo! reveals that many others had used the phase to mean similar thing.

What do I mean by Web 2.0 marketing?

By now you must have heard of Web 2.0. The very open nature of Web 2.0 lent itself to creative meshing of different services and information into new services. An example is a country travel guide that mesh Google Map, Flickr photo, RSS news and books from Amazon.com services.

Now, what have I just done? Exactly! Web 2.0 marketing!

The observant reader will notice that the openness of web 2.0 services are also allowing creative webmasters to promote their website in more ways then before.

Create satellite content sites on Squidoo and promote your site. Tag your blog entries so that Technorati could return it for searches on that tag. Bookmark and tag your sites on del.icio.us. Add your URL to personal profile on many services.

Do not spam! Note that this is not an invitation to spam. Sometimes the line is fine between good intention and spam. Be responsible.

Be creative! Think of ways to leverage those Web 2.0 sites out there. They worked hard to bring in traffic, ride on their coattail.


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