Idea for Week 3-4 –

This is what I am going to gun for on week 3-4 –

Nothing new or ground-breaking about the idea. I had wanted to do it for a while and now looks like a perfect time to get it off the ground.


I brought the domain end last year. So far I had just left it there with Adsense and affiliate links. It generates some income everyday from Adsense and none from affiliate yet.

Based on the current figures, I am able to recover the purchase price in 1.5 year.


  • Increase revenue so that it breakeven faster and contribute to my final revenue target.
  • Improve website and evaluate site-extension options

To do

  • clean up site presentation
  • improve traffic, SEO activities
  • do traffic analysis

Any ideas and suggestions about what I am doing are most welcome!



  1. Hermit said

    How is your google adsense earning?I was a starter also, hope to learn more.

  2. 59ideas said

    Drop by where I am continuing the story.

  3. I love your site!

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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