ToDo Week 4


Last week (week 3) really dampen my momentum. It proves beyond doubt that being a ProNetizen is a fulltime endeavour that tolerates no slacker.
Points learnt

  • Get those content written!
  • Focus on task at hand, not wander off surfing
  • Find a mechanism to keep track of my time spend
  • Be more realistic in terms of goals
Activities (42hrs):
No more breakdown until I find a way to control time better. Instead, set flexible targets.
  • Get redesigned
  • Get content written (at least 2/day)
  • More linking, promotion
  • Research and write on topics
Content coverage:

  • Domain name backgrounder
  • Audience Alignment
  • Setting up and backgrounder on
  • (open)


  • Finalise idea for Week 5-6
  • Plan Week 5 ToDo
  • Prepare financial for week 3-4
  • Surf ideas for 59ideas
  • 1/2hr /day on Best Blog

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