How to be the fastest glowing blog?

Ever wonder how some people are able to get their blog right off the ground and immediate into the Fast Glowing blogs list?

It is like they sign up for an account and the with next few posts they are on the list.

Well I thought it would be nice to know the secret. So I’m going to find out.

Let’s look at the top list today and collect some statistics

  1. SHARE
    Topic: Mp3 download?
    No. of post: 11
    Google: 0 (using
    Yahoo: 1 (using
    MSN: 0 (using
  2. arturogoga
    Topic: Technology, games (in Spanish?)
    No. of post: 24
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 92
    MSN: 38
  3. Squash
    Topic: Technology, web2.0
    No. of post: 20
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 68
    MSN: 534
  4. Jen’s thoughts
    Topic: Freebies, technology, miscellaneous
    No. of post: 30
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 66
    MSN: 81
  5. B(oot)log
    Topic: Music, MP3 download links
    No. of post: 6
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 5
    MSN: 11
  6. Pay Attention To Me!
    Topic: Technology, photo, blogging, miscellaneous
    No. of post: 50
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 153
    MSN: 429
  7. 家住杭州
    Topic: Technology, audio/video, satellite tv code?, (in Chinese)
    No. of post: 99
    Google: 0
    Yahoo: 1
    MSN: 0

Obviously the data I’m looking at has no trend at all except that certain topics might prove to be extremely popular.

An 1 hour exercise, but no where near an answer. Any thoughts? 



  1. stealbelow said

    Interesting thought.

    I was under the impression it was called the fastest “growing” blog and I thought it had to do with catching traffic bursts.

    Also, I think your data is a bit off. As of last night I had 109 posts, 89 comments within 35 categories.

    I had a big traffic burst over the past two days from an old post which was mentioned on a world of warcraft forum.

  2. […] There is a real danger that this is site is turning into a BBC radio archive. While I don’t plan on having that happen, I am posting another live session from BBC 6 Music. Consider this midweek treat for all your visists – apparently I’m a one of WordPress’ fastest growing blogs. This is wholly due to the links by For the ‘Records’, Chromewaves, and Information Leafblower. So thanks for the links and enjoy these really good live Rogue Wave tracks (all rapidshare so click & follow). I will post something new and non-Beeb this weekend. […]

  3. Phil Sim said

    From Squash’ instance, it’s almost always due to a post that gets picked up and widely circulated on aggregators or large blogs/forums. In this instance, one of my posts got about 1000 page views which is enough to push it into the top posts and also the blog into the fastest growing blogs.

  4. 59ideas said

    Thanks for coming out and sharing your insights!

  5. hey, I’m the owner of arturogoga and, well, I myself find myself amazed at how popular my blog has become. It’s been around for only about 3 weeks, and yeah, the visits just keep growing.

    Anyway, I believe that part of it is finding a small niche, one which you think you can outperform the rest of the blogs. In my case, it’s a technology/internet/games blog. Sure, there are plently of ’em in english, but actually, most of the spanish ones (particularly peruvian ones, which is where I really aim) take a lot of time to update.

    And it’s not about reporting the news, and stuff. The thing is, like always, to offer quality content. I’ve been doing some tutorials (forgot to mention, the blog is also aimed at the beginner/intermediate skill level, for people who may not know what RSS, XML, or even blog means)

    Sure, I’m no expert on the market or anything even close, nor is my blog popular, but I just wanted to share my point of view.

    And excuse any grammar mistakes, or any errors; I’m not a native english speaker.

  6. 59ideas said

    Great work! Indeed knowing only a popular language like English could be a disadvantage. 🙂 To a lesser extent Chinese as well.

    small niche which can outperform the rest – well put.

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