Behind plan, my adaptation and the Month in review

Barely a month into my 0 to independence plan, the Chinese New Year holiday is wreaking havoc on the plan. The demand of relationship added to that as well.

Already I’m behind plan for the last two weeks. Beside a personal short-coming that need improving,  I seriously need to adapt and overcome.

So, I’m behind

  • writing content
  • weekly plan
  • forthnightly idea
  • forthnightly round up

Some of the original plans and thoughts had to be changed.

I was supposed to launch a new idea every 2 weeks. I believe this is still possible, but need more focus.

The last idea,, was simple – brought it and made an introduction. A new design was made and should be ready this week.

The idea for week 5-6 was in the head but I might not pull it off, again because of the happenings in my offline life. Despite that I’m going to put in a filler idea.

The filler idea is really just that, to fill up the gap in my plan. It will be lightweight so that I can get a grip on my time and get back on track.

More reports on my progress, traffic, revenue, plans and idea coming up.


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