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9 things I learnt about getting blog traffic

A while back Scoble wrote some tips for getting our blog into the A-list.

This blog had been around for (coming to) 2 months – a very short time in blogodom. There is no deny that I’m looking to get into the A-list and earn revenue from online activities like blogging.

This blog is not getting traffic. My two other blogs are.

I surf alot for blog to list on the Best Blog on WordPress. I also looked at blogs that frequently get onto the Fastest Growing blogs and Top Posts.

Here’s what I learn about what gets traffics and what not.

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ToDo Week 7

This was last week. No to do written for week 7.

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Review of week 5-6

Update of week 5-6 performance and activities.

Time flys. I’m planning marriage this year so there’s plenty of happenings off-line. Updating of this blog is certainly slacking behind. 59ideas though is gaining traction slowly and nicely. seems to reach a temporary plateau. Need more ideas to push it along. The redesign is ready and I need to fix a time to get it launched.

Managed to get hosting for Ken and the Art of MotorCycle Maintenance up but it’s behind schedule as well. Plenty of catching up to do.

Torn between skipping a beat or continue to launch sites at the planned rate of one every 2 weeks, I decided to press on.

From 0 to independence and 59ideas

0 to Independence stats 59 Ideas stats stats

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Not alone on this online revenue quest

Tommy at Sick Of The Money Making Scams left me a comment today. He has a similar goal of earning revenue from online sources. His target is to “find a sustainable income from the Internet by the time my child is born” (in end September this year!).

Tommy is looking at many program and finding out what works and what doesn’t. I had alluded before my view on such programs. Needless to say, I cannot agree with him more on the topics and what he is doing. Check out his research on scams, ebooks, get rich quick programs.
If you are trying earn revenue online, learn the rope, don’t fall for the traps. Learn to fish so that you have fish abundant as you need.

Jochen at DarK Moon Blog is using Adsense together with his online games and music to make online revenue. Very interesting idea. If you have talent in those areas, this is one way to go.

Whether online or offline, it is important know your strengths and find ways to use them for to maximise return.

Good fortune to your quest!

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Cheap domain and the price of cheap

I register or renew 20-30 domains a year so I’m always looking for cheap domain deal. With this 0 to independence project, I’m expecting to register more.

iPower now offers domain at $2.95 which is the cheapest I had seen. Yahoo Small Business is offering at $2.99 (for up to 5 years) but it is for new sign up only.

Note that these prices are for new domain registration. For renewal, the price is between $7 to $9. You might get slightly below $7 if you sign up as reseller of a domain registrar.

As a plug, I can do renewal at $7++. Drop me a note if you are interested or can help me drive my price down further.

The price of cheap

Everything comes with a price. My recent experience tells me that the price of cheap domain is much wasted time and frustration. Let me recount.

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Idea for Week 5-6 – Ken and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Ken and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Yes, bookmark that, because it will be a pain to type.

It is almost halfway into the 6th week and I am just announcing the idea. All because I was trying to save a couple of dollars on the domain name

This was supposed to be a filler idea so, I’m not too concerned. Still I would like to get it up and going.

It is also an exercise too in extra long domain name. I wanted to see the effect (if any) a very long domain name has on promoting the site and getting traffic.

Short names are running out and domain names are getting longer or are mix-mash of characters (meebo, lexxe, riya came to mind). Try

About the Idea

The name of couse is a play on the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Ken is my name so it fitted very nicely.

The site is a full blown experimentation of what I call “idea in the blogging“.

I like riding motorcycle (more about that on the site later) and one of my dream is to run a motorcycle repair shop and look at all the different motorbike coming in – Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, KTM, Aprilla, Cagiva, Ducati, Triumph … talking to the riders. All motorcycle riders have fantastic story to tell.

Very nice … but not going to happen any time soon. At least I can blog about it!

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ToDo Week 6


Not much activities last week. 59 Ideas is growing nicely as I get into the blogging flow.
Can you believe it? I registered for a domain for last week’s idea and until I have not gotten the account to the domain. More on this when the account is finally accessible. The price to pay for going cheap.


  • still waiting for domain to launch week 5-6 idea
  • already registered domains for week 7-8 idea
  • plan and setup for week 7-8 idea
  • catch up on pending writings


  • Finalise idea for Week 7-8
  • Plan Week 7 ToDo
  • 1/2hr /day on Best Blog

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