Idea for Week 5-6 – Ken and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Ken and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

Yes, bookmark that, because it will be a pain to type.

It is almost halfway into the 6th week and I am just announcing the idea. All because I was trying to save a couple of dollars on the domain name

This was supposed to be a filler idea so, I’m not too concerned. Still I would like to get it up and going.

It is also an exercise too in extra long domain name. I wanted to see the effect (if any) a very long domain name has on promoting the site and getting traffic.

Short names are running out and domain names are getting longer or are mix-mash of characters (meebo, lexxe, riya came to mind). Try

About the Idea

The name of couse is a play on the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Ken is my name so it fitted very nicely.

The site is a full blown experimentation of what I call “idea in the blogging“.

I like riding motorcycle (more about that on the site later) and one of my dream is to run a motorcycle repair shop and look at all the different motorbike coming in – Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, BMW, KTM, Aprilla, Cagiva, Ducati, Triumph … talking to the riders. All motorcycle riders have fantastic story to tell.

Very nice … but not going to happen any time soon. At least I can blog about it!



  1. […] Everything comes with a price. My recent experience tells me that the price of cheap domain is much wasted time and frustration. Let me recount. […]

  2. […] From the Demo presentation, it looks like it is just the perfect tool I need for Ken and the art of Motorcycle Maintenance. […]

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