Cheap domain and the price of cheap

I register or renew 20-30 domains a year so I’m always looking for cheap domain deal. With this 0 to independence project, I’m expecting to register more.

iPower now offers domain at $2.95 which is the cheapest I had seen. Yahoo Small Business is offering at $2.99 (for up to 5 years) but it is for new sign up only.

Note that these prices are for new domain registration. For renewal, the price is between $7 to $9. You might get slightly below $7 if you sign up as reseller of a domain registrar.

As a plug, I can do renewal at $7++. Drop me a note if you are interested or can help me drive my price down further.

The price of cheap

Everything comes with a price. My recent experience tells me that the price of cheap domain is much wasted time and frustration. Let me recount.

My iPower episode:

  • 1 Feb – Register domain at iPower
  • 2 Feb – iPower requested scan of credit card and identification to prove identity
  • 3 Feb – Scanned and sent
  • 4 Feb – Nothing heard. Waited 30min to chat with online support
  • 5 Feb – Still nothing heard. Sent an online support request (hidden under many clicks)
  • 6 Feb – Support email said account approved but no account information was given.
  • 6 Feb – Email support again
  • 7 Feb – Support claimed information was sent. None was received
  • 7 Feb – Email support again
  • 8 Feb – Domain account setup information finally received

That’s more a week just to get a domain registered!

If you think that’s bad, read this worst one at Yahoo.

  • 6 Jan – Registered
  • 6 Jan – Order confirmed. Account information received
  • 7 Jan – Try to sign on. Failed –
    Currently you do not have any Yahoo! Small Business products.
  • 8-13 Jan – Waited
  • 14 Jan – sent email to Yahoo support
  • 17 Jan
    “Hello Ken,
    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Customer Support.
    We will be happy to assist you with your inquiry about your account. In order to review your account, please reply with the following information:”
  • 18 Jan – “Hello,
    We apologize for the delay in response.
    After researching your account, there was a problem found with the card on file. Please contact the bank or financial Institution that you go through for further information. Alternatively, feel free to call us at: 408-349-5151”
  • 18 Jan – call my bank. They told me no charge was attempted so it was not a problem on the bank’s end.
  • 19 Jan
    “Hello Ken,
    Thank you for writing to Yahoo! Customer Support.
    To be able to proceed with your order you will need to use a different credit card for your order. We are not sure what the issue is with the card, that you will need to discuss with your bank. The order itself is cancelled, but per ICANN rules when a domain is registered then cancelled there is a 45 day wait period before you can try and purchase it again. So you can try an different credit card for the domain, or you can wait the 45 days to try and register it with a different company. We do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.Please let us know if we can offer any further assistance.”
  • 19 Jan – I have no other card, I asked if they can process it again.
  • 20 Jan
    “We apologize for the delay in response.We appreciate your suggestions and comments regarding Yahoo! Billing.
    It is through our users’ feedback that we are able to continue to make improvements.We’re already starting to build a database of user suggestions for our next round of enhancements.Please do not hesitate to reply if you need further assistance.”
    What does that mean?
  • 22 Jan – Out of desperation, I actually emailed Tim to see if know any real person at Small Business. Silly me, he probably has no time for a $2.99 problem.
  • 23 Jan – 1 Feb – waited
  • 2 Feb – Call international with Skype to talk to Yahoo support at 3am in the morning
  • 3 Feb
    “Hello Ken,We apologize for the accidental closure of your order for domain it is possible to reactivate your Yahoo! Domains account.To reactivate your Domains account:1. Sign in to your Yahoo! Domains account at: Click the “Use it with a Yahoo! plan” link next to the domain name
    search box.

    3. Enter the domain name you would like to reactivate. Please be sure to
    sign in with the Yahoo! ID that was used to purchase your domain.

    4. You will be asked to confirm that this is the domain name you would
    like to reactivate.

    5. Confirm the service that you will be receiving “Domain Name”

    6. Fill out your payment information.

    7. Review your order and click the “Place My Order” button.

    Your Yahoo! Domains account is reactivated and you can begin using the
    features immediately. Please note that your domain name may not resolve
    for another 24 to 48 hours. This is a standard propagation period.”

  • Problem is what is described doesn’t fit what they have on their website. Here’s the prove:
    yahoo1.jpgyahoo2.jpg yahoo3.jpgyahoo4.jpg
  • 4 Feb – Managed to figure out on my own what was needed and reactivated the domain.
  • 5 Feb – Got my account information
  • 8 Feb
    “At Yahoo!, your satisfaction matters more than anything else. In order to meet your needs and preferences, we invite you to share your thoughts with us about your recent experience with Yahoo! Customer Care in a brief online survey.”Guess what will my feedback be?
    Not hold my breath for any change though.

The moral of these stories?

There is a price to pay for cheap.

To use or not to use them? You decide.



  1. LcF said

    hmm.. many ppl complain about domain name registration at Yahoo…

  2. Tommy said

    You’re not alone in domain registration problems. I registered a few with a company I shall not name a few years back, and later wanted to move them. They wanted to charge me £75 per domain!

    Obviously, I use another site now – I have no affiliation, I just think they’re a decent company. Check them out.


  3. Tommy said

    I should have added in my previous comment:

    Our blogs are of a similar theme. If you’d like to exchange links, please contact me.

    Best wishes


  4. 59ideas said

    Tommy, I think I know which company is that 😉

    What I did was to file a complaint with the authority that handles the country level domain. For example, in your case of .uk you can try Nominet

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