Not alone on this online revenue quest

Tommy at Sick Of The Money Making Scams left me a comment today. He has a similar goal of earning revenue from online sources. His target is to “find a sustainable income from the Internet by the time my child is born” (in end September this year!).

Tommy is looking at many program and finding out what works and what doesn’t. I had alluded before my view on such programs. Needless to say, I cannot agree with him more on the topics and what he is doing. Check out his research on scams, ebooks, get rich quick programs.
If you are trying earn revenue online, learn the rope, don’t fall for the traps. Learn to fish so that you have fish abundant as you need.

Jochen at DarK Moon Blog is using Adsense together with his online games and music to make online revenue. Very interesting idea. If you have talent in those areas, this is one way to go.

Whether online or offline, it is important know your strengths and find ways to use them for to maximise return.

Good fortune to your quest!


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