No, I have not given up

That’s extactly the message of this post. To tell readers (if any) that I had not given up on my goal and this blog.

I am not giving up, but I’m giving an excuse. The Great Firewall.

It is a real pain updating via proxy. I’m already slipping behind with updates on Best Blog on WordPress. I’m certainly behind on this one.

Yes I thought of moving. In fact I already had the domain But it is hard work moving blog. Did it once with 59ideas, can’t say I enjoy it. It is nice to have the guys running the blog.

Also I’m working on my ideas. One problem with ideas is you tend to spend too much time thinking about them then doing. And when you spend time doing, you don’t want to repeat by writing about them.

Through the process had learnt quite a bit about time management. Balancing real world work with virtual ventures.

I planned to post more updates and lesson learnt in future. Stay tuned.



  1. Kharen Malagar said

    Can I please give some unsolicited advice.

    How about scheduling a time to write about your ideas? E.g 15 minutes every Sunday evening or something. The key is to make it short. I read somewhere that you can always force yourself to do something for 15 mins. Or how about 30 mins a month. The idea is to make a “sacred” time updating this blog. Pencil it in your diary and go sit down and write on the designated time.

    I do appreciate this blog! I have been looking at opps in the Net and there’s so much scam, fluff out there. But I do believe that there are legitimate ways of making money here. It’s just a matter of taking the time to look for it.

    I was real glad I found your site. Please keep the blogs coming. Doesn’t have to be often or long.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. 59ideas said

    Hi Kharen,

    Thanks! I appreciate very much your comment and suggestion.

    The issue here really isn’t time. It is the difficulty in updating as is being block at where I am. You can find out about the the detail here.

    The good news is I’m working on a new site. It will be up soon. Hope you drop by.

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