Review of Week 7-8

Quick round of performance and activities in week 7-8 and February revenue.


2 little spikes in traffic which I will talk about more in my posts.

From 0 to independence

Traffic on this site still in limbo. Planning a couple more lesson learnt topic to see if it helps.

0 to independence stats for week 7-8


Despite moving to, I’m still getting residual traffic. This is linking and search engine indexing at work. The nice little spike is of course from googleblog which I talked about in my last post.

Since moving to my own domain, I’m using AWStats which gives a different reporting format. Posting here the monthly chart.

59ideas stats for week 7-8 stats

Traffic levelled, planning a few ideas up my sleeve to drive it up. stats

Financial result

It’s worrying, I’m getting less in Feb. I have not figure out the reason, possibly within normal variation.

Feb revenue trend



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  3. gsniper said

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