About 0 to independence

What is 0 to independence?

This blog is a journal of my journey to achieve financial independence with online revenue.
Started on 1st January 2006, the aim is to gain financial independence by the end of 2006 through online revenue. (What is my definition of financial independence?)

In order to do that, a range of subjects has to be covered. These form the content.

As you read, it is a chronicle of the daily thoughts and activities to get there.

Who am I?

My name is Ken. A Singaporean entrepreneur seeking success in Shanghai.


Having been online for a long time, I know it is possible to earn a living from online revenue alone. While I had done many things with various degree of success, what I am still finding out, however, are the execution details.

With the new year, I decided to systemise and chart the process, at the same time sharing it with everyone.

Who knows this may be the break for me.


Follow the post on this blog to see the steps I am taking. See also 59ideas, the companion blog about my ideas that will make it happen.



  1. […] Although struggling on and off line for the last 2 years, all was not in vain. 59ideas is the cummulation of all the experience gained – an attempt to put the many ideas that had floated around into a concerted action. This blog, 0 to independence, is a record of the journey. Join me on this journey as I turn ideas into actions, actions into financial independence. […]

  2. […] Surely I’m not the only to click on about when I visit a new blog. I consider a blog not ready for Best Blog if the author does not even bother about About.  […]

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