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About Directory Submission

First, some backgrounder.

Online directories are very much like their real world counterparts. They are classified list of websites.

Two of the most well known directories are Yahoo and dmoz. Getting a listing in these 2 can mean a noticable increase in traffic and search engine ranking but it is not easy.

What about other directories?

There are countless other directories. Some are effective, some marginal, the rest worthless waste of time. But how do you know?

One useful method is to look out for personal testimonies or experiences. My plan is to also report my experience with directories on this blog as time goes by.
As countless as the directories are services that will help you submit to them. Coincident? Just say they mutually ensure eachother’s existence.

So, what about the paid inclusion and paid submission services?
Is Yahoo directory worth $299?
Personally I have yet to use any paid service so I cannot comment from experience. Again, report will appear as if I ever try them.

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Stop reading and start Blogging

An advice I will give myself today and those planning to make a living blogging.

The Internet can be a tremendous time waster. Links goes from one page to another, before you know it hours are burnt.

If ever there is a way to add up all those hours spent reading online, it woudn’t be surprise I spent a good portion of my last 10 years doing just that.

A typical scenario often starts off as follows:

  • Proceed online with a valid objective in mind (say research for a topic, school report).
  • A quick search revealed a number of results which are successively opened in windows (now tabs).
  • Upon reading each result, more windows/tabs are sprawned from links within the page.
  • Slowly, topic began to drift from related, to fairly related, to distantly related, to unrelated.
  • Attention, interest level raises which drives more reading.
  • More reading


Bet I’m not the only one with the problem. How do you deal with it?

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Getting Linked

This is a big topic in itself, to be covered further down the road. But since a reader commented, a quick note about it is in order. (Got to be reader focus!)

He is absolutely right that getting linked in other sites is the best way to get into and up a search engine. That is provided you already have an interesting enough site (that’s a link to you buddy) that people is willing to link to.

Now 5 days into setting up a site with just 9 posts, no one is really going to link me (hint, hint) unless I am someone rich and famous. It is even below my own criteria to get listed.

My suggestion is

  • submit to search engines
  • forget about it
  • work on content
  • get linked

If there is some gotcha for submitting to search engines at this point, I sure like to learn about it.

I know some people say submitting without content will get the site lower ranked and difficult to move up later. Is there any real proof for this?

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Balancing real world and online work

Today is a killer day at the real world work. A staff came and LEFT the very first day. Save me the stress of having to fire him someday though. Pity I spent much of the day teaching him.

I did spent some time poking around WordPress. Not much quality blogs except the top few. Quite enjoyed Tales from a Trading Desk and Veeven’s.

Back to this project. I still have the plan to work out. One thing I like to talk about is balancing work, real world and online.

My action plan is pretty aggressive. One reason for that is I am running a business which has flexible enough time for doing things on my own. Another reason is that I intent to eventually shift focus towards this project.

However, my advice to anyone attempting to earn revenue online is to take it easy. Depending on the experience level (of understanding the inner working of online revenue), it is worth spending some time to do research and try dipping the toe at the shallow end.

Balance your day job and work on the online after work, unless you happened to work on an online outfit like CNet. Don’t give up that fat pay check just yet. People work best without the stress of money. Trust me on that.

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