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Not alone on this online revenue quest

Tommy at Sick Of The Money Making Scams left me a comment today. He has a similar goal of earning revenue from online sources. His target is to “find a sustainable income from the Internet by the time my child is born” (in end September this year!).

Tommy is looking at many program and finding out what works and what doesn’t. I had alluded before my view on such programs. Needless to say, I cannot agree with him more on the topics and what he is doing. Check out his research on scams, ebooks, get rich quick programs.
If you are trying earn revenue online, learn the rope, don’t fall for the traps. Learn to fish so that you have fish abundant as you need.

Jochen at DarK Moon Blog is using Adsense together with his online games and music to make online revenue. Very interesting idea. If you have talent in those areas, this is one way to go.

Whether online or offline, it is important know your strengths and find ways to use them for to maximise return.

Good fortune to your quest!


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How much can a blog worth?

A lot it seems.

(Yes, I back in Singapore. Great to get some warmth and sunshine. Plus spending time with people that matters.)

Right, blog. According to The Mystery Blog, The Blog Herald is going for a cool USD72K. (This is confirmed according to the comment here.)

I’m not sure if this is the highest yet paid for a blog yet but it sure is a significant landmark in terms of blogging and online revenue.

Looking at the annals of the Internet, technology startup hogged the limelight in terms of attracting the big money. Little known to many, money are also made online on “simpler” things like domain names and now on blog.

This proves to me one thing:

There is more path to success online other than the technology path.

So if you are not a techno-wiz, take heart. Perhaps you can use your writing skill to good use. Perhaps your marketing skill. Perhaps your networking skill.

Get those idea working to your greatest strength!

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Revenue Target revisited

In his plan for 2006 Ben Bleikamp stated

I’m going to develop a new blog in January or Feburary to flip, my goal is $3,000 in 2 months.  It will require quite a bit of work with writing content, optimizing ads, and some SEO, but I think it’s possible.

That really put my revenue target into question. I am targeting $1000/month in a year and he is aiming $1500/month average in 2 months.

This is by no mean a “so can I” comparison but rather whether I am setting too low a target and under-achieving. Keep in mind that Ben certainly had much more experience. Can I acquire that in a year?

With just one week into the year, I will stay on course and review this again.

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Anecdote 3 – Six figure blogger

One thing about the web, when you start looking for it, you will find lots of it. Here’s one shinning evidence of online revenue.

You have to believe your eyes! That’s $15,849 in a month.
He went on to say, (emphasis mine)

what made me even happier (and made my heart skip a beat) was to look at the total for the past 12 month period and realize that this month’s total took me over the magical $100,000 since 1 September last year.

it might be a good thing to actually let people know that it’s possible for a one person show to hit that kind of mark with enough time, luck and honest hard work.

At the end of this year, I hope I have similar shinning result to report. But for now I need to get my plan together and get off the ground.

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Web Revenue Anecdote 2

Closer to home this time. Malaysian blogger LiewCF produced a graph showing his revenue growth from Sep 04 to Aug 05.

No figures were indicated but two of his other posts (1, 2) disclosed the amount for the first 2 cheques to be $105 and $120+.

One simple and interesting observation is the trend. Notice now the first 6 months were almost flat. Then it took off, approximately double each month. It would be interesting to see the traffic corresponding trend.

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Web Revenue Anecdote

Just how much revenue can a website expect to receive? It would certainly be interesting to build an online collection of anecdotal evidence.

Here is the first I came across today.

Adsense revenue for the past 3.5 months (I started in mid September):

  • Last 15 days of September: $42.27
  • October 2005: $97.17
  • November 2005: $55.47
  • So far in December: $55.49 $46.92

see Small Business Branding is For Sale for the full details. Now this is for a site that is pretty successful.

Send similar sighting to me.

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