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Now Seeking Revenue

From 0 to independence is now Seeking Revenue.

A few people and asked what is happening to this blog and enjoyed the content. Thanks for the much needed encouragement! They kept me going! 

This project is continuing at the new home,

Join me as we seek revenue and gain financial independence.


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Not alone on this online revenue quest

Tommy at Sick Of The Money Making Scams left me a comment today. He has a similar goal of earning revenue from online sources. His target is to “find a sustainable income from the Internet by the time my child is born” (in end September this year!).

Tommy is looking at many program and finding out what works and what doesn’t. I had alluded before my view on such programs. Needless to say, I cannot agree with him more on the topics and what he is doing. Check out his research on scams, ebooks, get rich quick programs.
If you are trying earn revenue online, learn the rope, don’t fall for the traps. Learn to fish so that you have fish abundant as you need.

Jochen at DarK Moon Blog is using Adsense together with his online games and music to make online revenue. Very interesting idea. If you have talent in those areas, this is one way to go.

Whether online or offline, it is important know your strengths and find ways to use them for to maximise return.

Good fortune to your quest!

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What is the Adsense revenue growth rate?

I had been collecting real-life evidences of people creating revenue from online activities.

Bloggers, by their very nature, are very forthcoming with sharing their success stories. Here, Steve Pavlina share about his traffic and Adsense revenue growth rate.

Steve Pavlina Adsense growth rate

Starting from Feb 2005 with $53, he is projecting $4700 in Jan 2006! A consistent average growth rate of 50% that has yet to taper off.

This will come as no surprise if you read Steve’s content. Very amazing things he is doing and blogging.

What will be the growth rate of a less than average blogger like myself? Let me share this with you on Jan 2007.

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Review of week 3-4

Quick round up of week 3-4 performance.


Traffic graph for 0 to independence and 59ideas.
0 to independence stats 59ideas stats

Traffic for

Financial result

Jan revenue trend

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How much can a blog worth?

A lot it seems.

(Yes, I back in Singapore. Great to get some warmth and sunshine. Plus spending time with people that matters.)

Right, blog. According to The Mystery Blog, The Blog Herald is going for a cool USD72K. (This is confirmed according to the comment here.)

I’m not sure if this is the highest yet paid for a blog yet but it sure is a significant landmark in terms of blogging and online revenue.

Looking at the annals of the Internet, technology startup hogged the limelight in terms of attracting the big money. Little known to many, money are also made online on “simpler” things like domain names and now on blog.

This proves to me one thing:

There is more path to success online other than the technology path.

So if you are not a techno-wiz, take heart. Perhaps you can use your writing skill to good use. Perhaps your marketing skill. Perhaps your networking skill.

Get those idea working to your greatest strength!

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Review of week 1-2

A quick round up of Week 1-2, this is long overdue.
2 weeks of hands-on traffic generation had given insight whereas before it was simply knowledge.

As you can see from the traffic graph, still a lot to be desired. Nothing close to revenue generating level yet.
59ideas stats0 to independence stats

Moving ahead there are still lots to learn. It will be critical in making sure I meet my target.

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Idea for Week 3-4 –

This is what I am going to gun for on week 3-4 –

Nothing new or ground-breaking about the idea. I had wanted to do it for a while and now looks like a perfect time to get it off the ground.


I brought the domain end last year. So far I had just left it there with Adsense and affiliate links. It generates some income everyday from Adsense and none from affiliate yet.

Based on the current figures, I am able to recover the purchase price in 1.5 year.


  • Increase revenue so that it breakeven faster and contribute to my final revenue target.
  • Improve website and evaluate site-extension options

To do

  • clean up site presentation
  • improve traffic, SEO activities
  • do traffic analysis

Any ideas and suggestions about what I am doing are most welcome!

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