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Now Seeking Revenue

From 0 to independence is now Seeking Revenue.

A few people and asked what is happening to this blog and enjoyed the content. Thanks for the much needed encouragement! They kept me going! 

This project is continuing at the new home,

Join me as we seek revenue and gain financial independence.


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Review of Week 7-8

Quick round of performance and activities in week 7-8 and February revenue.


2 little spikes in traffic which I will talk about more in my posts.

From 0 to independence

Traffic on this site still in limbo. Planning a couple more lesson learnt topic to see if it helps.

0 to independence stats for week 7-8


Despite moving to, I’m still getting residual traffic. This is linking and search engine indexing at work. The nice little spike is of course from googleblog which I talked about in my last post.

Since moving to my own domain, I’m using AWStats which gives a different reporting format. Posting here the monthly chart.

59ideas stats for week 7-8 stats

Traffic levelled, planning a few ideas up my sleeve to drive it up. stats

Financial result

It’s worrying, I’m getting less in Feb. I have not figure out the reason, possibly within normal variation.

Feb revenue trend

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Review of week 5-6

Update of week 5-6 performance and activities.

Time flys. I’m planning marriage this year so there’s plenty of happenings off-line. Updating of this blog is certainly slacking behind. 59ideas though is gaining traction slowly and nicely. seems to reach a temporary plateau. Need more ideas to push it along. The redesign is ready and I need to fix a time to get it launched.

Managed to get hosting for Ken and the Art of MotorCycle Maintenance up but it’s behind schedule as well. Plenty of catching up to do.

Torn between skipping a beat or continue to launch sites at the planned rate of one every 2 weeks, I decided to press on.

From 0 to independence and 59ideas

0 to Independence stats 59 Ideas stats stats

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ToDo Week 6


Not much activities last week. 59 Ideas is growing nicely as I get into the blogging flow.
Can you believe it? I registered for a domain for last week’s idea and until I have not gotten the account to the domain. More on this when the account is finally accessible. The price to pay for going cheap.


  • still waiting for domain to launch week 5-6 idea
  • already registered domains for week 7-8 idea
  • plan and setup for week 7-8 idea
  • catch up on pending writings


  • Finalise idea for Week 7-8
  • Plan Week 7 ToDo
  • 1/2hr /day on Best Blog

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Behind plan, my adaptation and the Month in review

Barely a month into my 0 to independence plan, the Chinese New Year holiday is wreaking havoc on the plan. The demand of relationship added to that as well.

Already I’m behind plan for the last two weeks. Beside a personal short-coming that need improving,  I seriously need to adapt and overcome.

So, I’m behind

  • writing content
  • weekly plan
  • forthnightly idea
  • forthnightly round up

Some of the original plans and thoughts had to be changed.

I was supposed to launch a new idea every 2 weeks. I believe this is still possible, but need more focus.

The last idea,, was simple – brought it and made an introduction. A new design was made and should be ready this week.

The idea for week 5-6 was in the head but I might not pull it off, again because of the happenings in my offline life. Despite that I’m going to put in a filler idea.

The filler idea is really just that, to fill up the gap in my plan. It will be lightweight so that I can get a grip on my time and get back on track.

More reports on my progress, traffic, revenue, plans and idea coming up.

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ToDo Week 4


Last week (week 3) really dampen my momentum. It proves beyond doubt that being a ProNetizen is a fulltime endeavour that tolerates no slacker.
Points learnt

  • Get those content written!
  • Focus on task at hand, not wander off surfing
  • Find a mechanism to keep track of my time spend
  • Be more realistic in terms of goals
Activities (42hrs):
No more breakdown until I find a way to control time better. Instead, set flexible targets.
  • Get redesigned
  • Get content written (at least 2/day)
  • More linking, promotion
  • Research and write on topics
Content coverage:

  • Domain name backgrounder
  • Audience Alignment
  • Setting up and backgrounder on
  • (open)


  • Finalise idea for Week 5-6
  • Plan Week 5 ToDo
  • Prepare financial for week 3-4
  • Surf ideas for 59ideas
  • 1/2hr /day on Best Blog

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Disruption in plan

This week is simply packed to the brim for me.

In my real world work life, we are moving office. We used to work in a home office, but we now moved to a office building. Still have lots of boxes to unpack.

Three more people joined our company! Two of them interns. That’s a 100% increase in head count. So I really had my hands full guiding them what to do.

If that is not enough, I am also looking for a place near the office to stay. I had to confirm the place, pack, move. All these before leaving for Singapore this Friday. Chinese New Year is just round the corner.

This is a big distruption, which mean I had to readjust my “0 to independence” plan accordingly.

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