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9 things I learnt about getting blog traffic

A while back Scoble wrote some tips for getting our blog into the A-list.

This blog had been around for (coming to) 2 months – a very short time in blogodom. There is no deny that I’m looking to get into the A-list and earn revenue from online activities like blogging.

This blog is not getting traffic. My two other blogs are.

I surf alot for blog to list on the Best Blog on WordPress. I also looked at blogs that frequently get onto the Fastest Growing blogs and Top Posts.

Here’s what I learn about what gets traffics and what not.

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About Directory Submission

First, some backgrounder.

Online directories are very much like their real world counterparts. They are classified list of websites.

Two of the most well known directories are Yahoo and dmoz. Getting a listing in these 2 can mean a noticable increase in traffic and search engine ranking but it is not easy.

What about other directories?

There are countless other directories. Some are effective, some marginal, the rest worthless waste of time. But how do you know?

One useful method is to look out for personal testimonies or experiences. My plan is to also report my experience with directories on this blog as time goes by.
As countless as the directories are services that will help you submit to them. Coincident? Just say they mutually ensure eachother’s existence.

So, what about the paid inclusion and paid submission services?
Is Yahoo directory worth $299?
Personally I have yet to use any paid service so I cannot comment from experience. Again, report will appear as if I ever try them.

More good readings:

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How to be the fastest glowing blog?

Ever wonder how some people are able to get their blog right off the ground and immediate into the Fast Glowing blogs list?

It is like they sign up for an account and the with next few posts they are on the list.

Well I thought it would be nice to know the secret. So I’m going to find out.

Let’s look at the top list today and collect some statistics

  1. SHARE
    Topic: Mp3 download?
    No. of post: 11
    Google: 0 (using
    Yahoo: 1 (using
    MSN: 0 (using
  2. arturogoga
    Topic: Technology, games (in Spanish?)
    No. of post: 24
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 92
    MSN: 38
  3. Squash
    Topic: Technology, web2.0
    No. of post: 20
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 68
    MSN: 534
  4. Jen’s thoughts
    Topic: Freebies, technology, miscellaneous
    No. of post: 30
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 66
    MSN: 81
  5. B(oot)log
    Topic: Music, MP3 download links
    No. of post: 6
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 5
    MSN: 11
  6. Pay Attention To Me!
    Topic: Technology, photo, blogging, miscellaneous
    No. of post: 50
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 153
    MSN: 429
  7. 家住杭州
    Topic: Technology, audio/video, satellite tv code?, (in Chinese)
    No. of post: 99
    Google: 0
    Yahoo: 1
    MSN: 0

Obviously the data I’m looking at has no trend at all except that certain topics might prove to be extremely popular.

An 1 hour exercise, but no where near an answer. Any thoughts? 

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Make Money Slow

If all you had encountered so far are “Make money fast”, “$50 to submit to 300000 sites” kind of websites, be pleasantly surprised with

Not only do they provide free services, they ask that you pay only if you find the service useful. That’s a rare and bold claim.

If that is not enough, there are good articles and content on the topic of website promotion. One caveat – the article are pretty dated. Most information are still useful and relevant though.

I have not pay anything, but maybe I will. Need to poke around more into the functions. Give it a try.

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