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No, I have not given up

That’s extactly the message of this post. To tell readers (if any) that I had not given up on my goal and this blog.

I am not giving up, but I’m giving an excuse. The Great Firewall.

It is a real pain updating via proxy. I’m already slipping behind with updates on Best Blog on WordPress. I’m certainly behind on this one.

Yes I thought of moving. In fact I already had the domain But it is hard work moving blog. Did it once with 59ideas, can’t say I enjoy it. It is nice to have the guys running the blog.

Also I’m working on my ideas. One problem with ideas is you tend to spend too much time thinking about them then doing. And when you spend time doing, you don’t want to repeat by writing about them.

Through the process had learnt quite a bit about time management. Balancing real world work with virtual ventures.

I planned to post more updates and lesson learnt in future. Stay tuned.


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9 things I learnt about getting blog traffic

A while back Scoble wrote some tips for getting our blog into the A-list.

This blog had been around for (coming to) 2 months – a very short time in blogodom. There is no deny that I’m looking to get into the A-list and earn revenue from online activities like blogging.

This blog is not getting traffic. My two other blogs are.

I surf alot for blog to list on the Best Blog on WordPress. I also looked at blogs that frequently get onto the Fastest Growing blogs and Top Posts.

Here’s what I learn about what gets traffics and what not.

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Cheap domain and the price of cheap

I register or renew 20-30 domains a year so I’m always looking for cheap domain deal. With this 0 to independence project, I’m expecting to register more.

iPower now offers domain at $2.95 which is the cheapest I had seen. Yahoo Small Business is offering at $2.99 (for up to 5 years) but it is for new sign up only.

Note that these prices are for new domain registration. For renewal, the price is between $7 to $9. You might get slightly below $7 if you sign up as reseller of a domain registrar.

As a plug, I can do renewal at $7++. Drop me a note if you are interested or can help me drive my price down further.

The price of cheap

Everything comes with a price. My recent experience tells me that the price of cheap domain is much wasted time and frustration. Let me recount.

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Behind plan, my adaptation and the Month in review

Barely a month into my 0 to independence plan, the Chinese New Year holiday is wreaking havoc on the plan. The demand of relationship added to that as well.

Already I’m behind plan for the last two weeks. Beside a personal short-coming that need improving,  I seriously need to adapt and overcome.

So, I’m behind

  • writing content
  • weekly plan
  • forthnightly idea
  • forthnightly round up

Some of the original plans and thoughts had to be changed.

I was supposed to launch a new idea every 2 weeks. I believe this is still possible, but need more focus.

The last idea,, was simple – brought it and made an introduction. A new design was made and should be ready this week.

The idea for week 5-6 was in the head but I might not pull it off, again because of the happenings in my offline life. Despite that I’m going to put in a filler idea.

The filler idea is really just that, to fill up the gap in my plan. It will be lightweight so that I can get a grip on my time and get back on track.

More reports on my progress, traffic, revenue, plans and idea coming up.

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Stop reading and start Blogging

An advice I will give myself today and those planning to make a living blogging.

The Internet can be a tremendous time waster. Links goes from one page to another, before you know it hours are burnt.

If ever there is a way to add up all those hours spent reading online, it woudn’t be surprise I spent a good portion of my last 10 years doing just that.

A typical scenario often starts off as follows:

  • Proceed online with a valid objective in mind (say research for a topic, school report).
  • A quick search revealed a number of results which are successively opened in windows (now tabs).
  • Upon reading each result, more windows/tabs are sprawned from links within the page.
  • Slowly, topic began to drift from related, to fairly related, to distantly related, to unrelated.
  • Attention, interest level raises which drives more reading.
  • More reading


Bet I’m not the only one with the problem. How do you deal with it?

Further reading:

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How to be the fastest glowing blog?

Ever wonder how some people are able to get their blog right off the ground and immediate into the Fast Glowing blogs list?

It is like they sign up for an account and the with next few posts they are on the list.

Well I thought it would be nice to know the secret. So I’m going to find out.

Let’s look at the top list today and collect some statistics

  1. SHARE
    Topic: Mp3 download?
    No. of post: 11
    Google: 0 (using
    Yahoo: 1 (using
    MSN: 0 (using
  2. arturogoga
    Topic: Technology, games (in Spanish?)
    No. of post: 24
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 92
    MSN: 38
  3. Squash
    Topic: Technology, web2.0
    No. of post: 20
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 68
    MSN: 534
  4. Jen’s thoughts
    Topic: Freebies, technology, miscellaneous
    No. of post: 30
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 66
    MSN: 81
  5. B(oot)log
    Topic: Music, MP3 download links
    No. of post: 6
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 5
    MSN: 11
  6. Pay Attention To Me!
    Topic: Technology, photo, blogging, miscellaneous
    No. of post: 50
    Google: 1
    Yahoo: 153
    MSN: 429
  7. 家住杭州
    Topic: Technology, audio/video, satellite tv code?, (in Chinese)
    No. of post: 99
    Google: 0
    Yahoo: 1
    MSN: 0

Obviously the data I’m looking at has no trend at all except that certain topics might prove to be extremely popular.

An 1 hour exercise, but no where near an answer. Any thoughts? 

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Disruption in plan

This week is simply packed to the brim for me.

In my real world work life, we are moving office. We used to work in a home office, but we now moved to a office building. Still have lots of boxes to unpack.

Three more people joined our company! Two of them interns. That’s a 100% increase in head count. So I really had my hands full guiding them what to do.

If that is not enough, I am also looking for a place near the office to stay. I had to confirm the place, pack, move. All these before leaving for Singapore this Friday. Chinese New Year is just round the corner.

This is a big distruption, which mean I had to readjust my “0 to independence” plan accordingly.

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