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Cheap domain and the price of cheap

I register or renew 20-30 domains a year so I’m always looking for cheap domain deal. With this 0 to independence project, I’m expecting to register more.

iPower now offers domain at $2.95 which is the cheapest I had seen. Yahoo Small Business is offering at $2.99 (for up to 5 years) but it is for new sign up only.

Note that these prices are for new domain registration. For renewal, the price is between $7 to $9. You might get slightly below $7 if you sign up as reseller of a domain registrar.

As a plug, I can do renewal at $7++. Drop me a note if you are interested or can help me drive my price down further.

The price of cheap

Everything comes with a price. My recent experience tells me that the price of cheap domain is much wasted time and frustration. Let me recount.

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How to sign up and manage lots of website

My Web 2.0 Marketing post touches on using the many Web 2.0 services out there to help create network and promote your website.

Many of the services require you to sign up by creating a username and password. Most of the time email is required as well.

Today I share 2 ideas to help make it real easy to signup and manage all those accounts,

  1. Gmail
  2. KeePass Password Safe

Idea 1, Gmail, need no introduction.

gmail logoThe web email service by Google gives you plenty of space to store mails, tag your mails and most importantly zap all the spam.

Use Gmail and not your personal email especially if you are somewhat concerned about privacy.

(Anyone still needing invites can send an email to 59ideas, at gmail of course).

Idea 2, KeePass Password Safe, is nice, simple program that helps to save and track all those accounts your had created.

If you are like me, paranoid about using the same password for each service, KeePass can generates password which you just copy and paste to sign up.

To sign in, simply use the hotkey Ctrl-Alt-A to auto-fill the username and password.

No worries about keeping track of which site you signed up adn forgetting the passwords.

With these 2 ideas, you can now sign up all the services on the net and mange them with ease.

ps. Remember to share any new ideas and sites you found with 59 ideas.

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Make Money Slow

If all you had encountered so far are “Make money fast”, “$50 to submit to 300000 sites” kind of websites, be pleasantly surprised with

Not only do they provide free services, they ask that you pay only if you find the service useful. That’s a rare and bold claim.

If that is not enough, there are good articles and content on the topic of website promotion. One caveat – the article are pretty dated. Most information are still useful and relevant though.

I have not pay anything, but maybe I will. Need to poke around more into the functions. Give it a try.

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Learn from what people do

Weekend, I could sleep a little late and surf around other sites, creating links (previous post), looking for ideas.

Another important things is to look and learn from what other people are doing.

The Internet is a big university with many smart people around. Hang around forum, read others’ blog, look at how they place ads, what services they use. There are plenty to learn.

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